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Its back to school season! For the communities who are able to return to the classroom, and equally for those who are learning from home, there is no better way to get back into the learning spirit than a visit to Ocean Campus, Surfrider Europe’s online education platform! Discover the comprehensive library of free learning tools suited for all ages and abilities that will put Ocean Protection high on this year’s curriculum.   

Ocean Protection 101 

Whether you’re a student doing a research, a teacher in search of tools, or a family working together to reduce your impact, Ocean Campus has got you covered. Spanning topics of marine litter, water quality, and climate change and coastal management, visitors can choose from a variety of learning formats that best fit their needs. From primary to high school, appropriate content for each level is made available online through courses, videos, and infographics that break down complex topics like the mysterious Ostreopsis Ovata, the 7th continent, microplastics or stakes link to coastal erosion. Once your done mastering your skills, test your new knowledge with one of many quizzes available!

Going back to school doesn’t have to be strictly academic. Ocean Campus also offers a great collection of DIY tutorials to reduce your plastic footprint and preserve water quality. Don’t miss the step-by-step videos on DIY toothpaste, shampoo, and laundry detergent.  

For the occasion, we invite you to (re)discover the last video of Ocean Campus which explains the chemical pollution:

Starting off the school year with 4 months of credit

The 2020 back to school season will be done on credit... What does that mean? This year, Earth Overshoot Day (EOD) was on August 22nd. This is the annual day that marks when the human population has overshot the sustainable amount of resources on Earth. In other words, EOD represents the day in which humanity enters environmental deficit spending. According to Global Footprint Network, this date was 3 weeks later than it was in 2019. We’re moving in the right direction, though it is estimated that is shift is partly due to the current health crisis causing an unprecedented economic slowdown, thereby less fossil fuel consumption. Studies showing that this pause was beneficial for the planet also warn about the risks of uncontrolled resumption and the impact of proposed stimulus plans. To continue the current trend, we must not return “back to normal”. Instead, we must transform our relationship with nature.   

2020 has already been a challenging year for many. As we move into a new season, let’s look at it like an opportunity to kickstart new commitments and solidify the good habits we’ve started over the summer. Protecting the planet does not have to be intimidating. You can start with #Just1Thing. And if you are lost, resources offered by Ocean Campus are always there to guide you. 

Summer is coming to an end, but not the commitment for the Ocean!  The tools and lessons available on Ocean Campus are a great way to learn about the most relevant issues concerning the Ocean today. Especially in this unprecedented time when many will be learning from home, this resource can be used to supplement environmental studies in the classroom. Looking to put your new knowledge into action? Download the Ocean’s Zero app and take on 25 challenges to guide you through a zero-waste lifestyle!  

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