Surfrider Europe awarded the "Positive Workplace" label for its CSR policy

Beyond the values and missions of Surfrider known to the general public, Surfrider Europe is also a place of work and life for employees and volunteers of the NGO

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Surf Therapy: the benefits of the Ocean on our health

Surfers have apparently become pioneers of a new form of therapy, offering both psychological and ph...

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Discover NOWU with Juliette Lenrouilly

What do these 4 letters mean?

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Biennale Photoclimat : Paris has turned blue with Surfrider Foundation Europe

Surfrider Foundation Europe and the artist Nicolas Henry have recently launched their exhibition, as...

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The role of blue carbon to achieve a green transition

Terrestrial forests are well known for their capacity to absorb our carbon dioxide emissions (CO2), ...

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Unprecedent biomedia pollution in Corsica and the mediterranean sea: Mare Vivu testimony

Created in 2016 by Mediterranean enthusiast, Mare Vivu played a true role of whistleblower in Corsic...

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Stabilization of Ocean structure : is this the end of our planetary thermostat?

Last March, a study carried out by the French National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) and th...

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our values


The passion for the oceans, the coastline and the pleasures animate everyone who supports Surfrider and guides the organization's action.


Surfrider is rooted in the value of sharing and participation through inclusion and diversity.


Surfrider seeks a harmonious relationship between humans and nature.