Breaking news: new life form discovered in microplastics

Last month saw the second annual symposium of the Polymers & Oceans Scientific Research Group. Created in 2019 under the direction of the French National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS), in partnership with the French Institute for Marine Research (Ifremer) and the National Health and Environment Agency (ANSES), it brings together 215 researchers from 45 different French-speaking laboratories. Its members, whose aim is to carry out a comprehensive and multidisciplinary study of the evolution and impacts of plastics in aquatic environments, have just presented their latest results, focusing in particular on the discovery of what could be called a "plastisphere".

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Ten years to get to know the Ocean better

Earlier this month, the “Brave New Ocean” virtual event officially launched the United Nations...

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Land artificialisation of coastal areas

In France, about 150 000 acres are artificialised each year, the equivalent of a football field ever...

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A magical time to reduce waste and go plastic free

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Green Friday: what if we said stop over-consumption?

Black Friday, a commercial event coming from the United States, crossed the Atlantic a few years ago...

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Biodiversity in the city

In 2020, 80% of Europe's population live in urban areas. Cities today are vulnerable spaces where bi...

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Victory in Saint Pierre and Miquelon: from citizen alert to engagement of local authorities for water sanitation

A journey in Saint Pierre and Miquelon. An exceptional environment for the numerous nautical activit...

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