On the occasion of the plenary assembly of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) hold at Nairobi in Kenya from April 11 to 13, the group of experts announced that their 6th report will include an important part dealing with the link between climate change and the ocean. This study was one of our main demands during COP21. Therefore this announcement is of great importance to us.

Good news for the ocean

As demanded in our defence speech during COP21, one of the three parts of the 6th IPCC report will focus on the links between climate change, the ocean and the cryosphere*. This announcement is a real victory fos us as, once again, it demonstrates that our actions have an impact and can make things progress.

What is IPCC 

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is part of the United Nation. It aims at evaluating and reporting in the most objective and methodical way the scientific information related to the concerns of climate change. Since its creation in 1988, IPCC has already published five reports. The goal is to consider adaptation and attenuation strategies without advising any political choice.

In order to better defend the ocean, it's necessary to better understand the link between the ocean and climate change. Hopefully, this IPCC report will provide precise scientific answers on this subject that will afterward provide governments with solutions to efficiently protect the ocean.

Léa Daulan, Environment Editor

*Cryosphere : portions of the Earth's surface where the water is frozen.

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