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World Oceans Day: join the Surfrider Caravans on June 8th


For World Oceans Day, Surfrider Foundation Europe is organising the joint last stage of the Educational Caravan in France and Germany. The aim of this particular event is to raise awareness and encourage people to change their habits to reduce marine pollution. This event will focus on marine litter problematic, and more specifically plastic bottles, as part of the new campaign "Reset Your Habits".

Garonne Caravan: Soulac-sur-Mer

Garonne Caravan will be present in Soulac-sur-Mer on June 8th, to raise awareness among young and old generations about conservation of the environmental. The day will be dedicated to preschool classes from Soulac, and a screening of "White Waves" will be held in the evening, free and open to all.

At 9:30 am, preschool classes from Soulac-sur-Mer willl discover the last tidal swamp on the Medoc coastline. This tour will focus on the interdependence between the estuary and the ocean. After this naturalist guided tour, Richard's lighthouse will open its doors in the afternoon for a very special visit.

In the evening, Surfrider staff is pleases to invite you at Soulac's Surfclub from 6pm to 9pm, for an evening of short films and documentaries screening. The screening are organised in collaboration with Oceanic cinema Soulac Surf Club & School. They screenings will be focused on surf, sport and environmental conservation. The program will focus on surf, sport and environmental conservation. The program includes the projection of "White Waves", a documentary directed by the scientific journalist Inka Reichert. This event is free and open to all! Meeting point : 6pm on Surf Club Christian, Fetis street, in Soulac-Sur-Mer.

More information here.

And for the closing of the Garonne Caravan in Soulac...

Garonne Caravan's 4th and last stage will be celebrated with a large waste collection of Soulac's beach on June 10th, from 10:30am to 4pm. The day will be ponctuated by educational workshops about marine litter co-animated with Surfrider's staff and the artist Laurence Nourisson.

Seine Caravan : Le Havre

Meet up Surfrider staff on June 8th in the late afternoon for a conference about marine litter.

On June 8th, Surfrider is pleased to invite you at the "François 1er" festival hall at 5pm, for a conference dedicated to marine litter, its origin, impact and the solutions to avoid waste. Member of Civil Society, political and economicactors will exchange on the topic, in collaboration with Surfrider. The aim is to reduce marine litter at its source by changing citizens' consumption habits, or even better, by improving waste management. It will be the opportunity for all to discover the positive actions to adopt, against ocean pollution and to protect the earth.

Program and free registration here

More information here

And to continue the adventure...

June 9th will be the opportunity to discover the impact of marine litter thanks to the educational activities organized by Surfrider volunteers and staff. An Ocean Initiative waste collection at Le Havre pebble beach will take place. Students from Raoum Dufy secondary school will be present to participate in the action.

Participate to the collection

Hambourg Caravan

After the first educational stage at Elbe Beach (Övelgönne) dedicated to schools and students, Surfrider Hamburg staff and volunteers will offer you a second stop in Hamburg for World Ocean Day.

On June 8th, Surfrider will welcome all volunteers and those around who are curious at Hamburg's “Karoviertel”-district, to participate in various animations about marine litter and plastic pollution.

Educational Hambourg Caravan is waiting for you on June 8th from 5pm to 10pm, at Hamburg's “Karoviertel”-district. The aim of this day will be to encourage information exchange about marine litters problematic with awareness actions. For example, avoid using plastic bottles when it's not necessary!

The detailed program:

– 17H00 : Welcome speech

– 17H30 : Performance of a graffiti artist

– From 18H00 : Festive evening with a BBQ, a tombola and various educational activities for kids (quizzes, games, etc.

– 20H00 : Movie-debate

Join Surfrider staff in the late afternoon for a fun and educational debate. A movie screening and educational activities for children as well as a Zero waste barbecue will also take place.

Join us for a warm and festive moment to celebrate a clean ocean!

More information here.

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