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« HorizonS » exhibition by Cédric Expert


During two months, Surfrider Foundation Europe is welcoming « HorizonS » exhibition by Cédric Expert, to discover on Tuesday, June 11th during the opening of the exhibition in Surfrider Art Campus in Biarritz. 

Cédric Expert is an artist and a painter born in 1970 in Anglet on the French Côte Basque. “HorizonS”: an echo for the ocean, victim of the Grande America wreck. After the sinking of the Grande America, HorizonS reminds us of the importance of the fight against pollution at sea, which is Surfrider Europe mission, for 29 years. Committed to the protection of the marine environment, the NGO has developed its expertise in the field of maritime transport, including on the issue of shipping pollution.

On March 12, the Italian hybrid ro-ro ship Grande America was wrecked off La Rochelle. Two days later, two oïl slicks were identified, opposite the beaches where the artist spent his childhood. From there, the artist's desire to create HorizonS was born, to allow the viewer to stand where an inlet bathed in the sea light meets the great ocean, This exhibition is the spontanous expression of the artist’s environmental consciousness and his will to act after hearing about the sinking of the Grande America.

“When you grow up close to the ocean, you don’t think about ecology, you feel both the beauty and the threats in your bones. Today, my whole approach as an artist is to create a tribute to this beauty, to this true driving force of life that can be incarnated in many shapes. The raw hapiness of my childhood has been replaced by the realization, sometimes painful, of the fragility of the harmony and the need to do my part, as a citizen, an artist and a father.”

Expert’s formal artistic approach was born from an early fascination for the aesthetics school, which he translates in his pictural work with the creation of emulsions made of oil/water/varnish. His hope is to capture what is created by the ocean and the skies in seconds and by the stones in thousands of years. It is an aesthetic created from the clash between antagonist forces, the dialog between order and chaos. 

Practicing humble but demanding gestures, referencing the Japanese arts, and using repetition as a means to unveil novelty, Expert learns from his process instead of forcing it. The outcoe is powerful, pictoral landscapes, more or less abstract, pictured between abstract modernism and traditional landscaping.

Meet and greet the artist during the opening on June 11th from 18:30 at Surfrider Campus in Biarritz.

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